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Who are you and how did you get here?

As of right now — NOW! — there is no reason for anyone, not even no one, nor even you good citizens of the world (yes, and beatniks) who are yearning for their slice of the audio pie that is part of their birthright to that thing (fine, fine audio) delievered to them when and where they need it. But . . . whose fault is it that swell audio isnít one of the guaranteed right of all peoples (yes, even beatniks)? Ask your self THAT question next time you find yourself locked out of the house.

But, back to the larger issue: how and why you arrived here. I mean, good golly, thereís nothing really HERE yet. Much.

Oh, yeah . . . except for the potential for great things, friend!

So, as that man said (or was it just some random beatnik? Sometimes, when the sun has set, itís so hard to tell, is it not, Mr. and/or Miss Normal?), what do I need to do to get you into the broadcast studio seat here in this modern age of rampant radio?

Itís not like you donít have something to say, no sir! Youíve got plenty — PLENTY! — to get off of your heaving chests, and you have the social, spiritual, cultural, technological, and — by golly — the moral tools to roll up your tattered sleeves and down to business!

And fnord.

The world is our oyster, audio-wise. And remember, as the man said: thereís a shucker born every minute!

Sic transit gloria truth . . . at 256 kbit/s!

A Special Word For Our European Visitors

We here at the Radio Powerhouse of the Air! know that landing on this seemingly innocuous American Web site must be something of a shock to you. Heck, a shock to US TOO! But, hey, you're here, and we're darned happy that you are! Before you navigate (or whatever term they use where you are to describe getting the hell away from some dumb-assed Web site that IS NOT what you were looking for, really), take a look around. Or don't. Actually, really don't. As of right — NOW! — there isn't much to see. However, you CAN amuse yourself by taking a look at a number of pages here that do have more (although, not much more) than the "Coming Soon!" nonsense you'll see on most of our other pages.

Thank you! Mange tak! Danke schön! Grazie tanto! Tack mycket! Bol'shoe spasibo! Dank u wel! And, you know . . . like that . . .

2X2L, Calling CQ

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